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No lock in contract.

If you don't like being a part of YCN you can leave anytime, for whatever reason

Free Channel Promotion.

We will promote your channel, no matter your size. If you're a member of YCN we will work tirelessly to promote your content and help you get views via our VideoWall program

Access to our advanced upload tool.

You'll have access to our advanced upload tool to make uploading your videos from YouTube to Dailymotion easier

Your own website.

YCN will create and manage a video website for your Dailymotion channel. This can significantly increase the chances of you getting a sponsorship and it can boost your earnings on both your Dailymotion and YouTube channels

Advanced dashboard.

You'll get access to our advanced dashboard to help you grow your Dailymotion and YouTube channel

Dedicated VIP Support.

You'll get your own VIP support representative. Have a question? Need help? Just send us an email

Boost Your Channel Growth.

Join and we can help you to grow your audience via our content distribution program

About us

YCN is a Dailymotion network that focuses on helping YouTubers bring their existing videos over to Dailymotion. It's important to remember that we are a Dailymotion network so joining YCN will give us control over your Dailymotion channel but not over your YouTube channel.

Some of our members

7421 MAX

Max started his channel back in 2011, by breaking gaming news he gained over 18K subs. He joined YCN in February 2017 and we created his Dailymotion channel for him.

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DecZa's channel was created in December 2014, he gained a following by creating speed art videos. He now has over 2K subs and with YCN's help his Dailymotion channel will reach that size soon

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Trafalgar started his channel in 2015, with hard work his channel grew to over 3K subs. He partnered with YCN in February 2017 and his Dailymotion channel has been growing strong ever since.

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